Sunday School/Small Group Bible Study

Sunday School/Small Group Bible Study at Zoar Baptist Church provides a time of Bible study with other believers. A wide range of classes are available for all ages.  If you are interested in attending one of the Sunday School/Bible Study Groups but are not quite sure which class is the best fit, click on any of the links below for a brief description of each class.  To learn more, send us an email at: ZoarSundaySchool

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Our Classes and Groups

Noah’s Ark I (Birth – 1) & Noah’s Ark II (ages 2-3)

Teachers:  Lynn Winecoff and Paulette Bradley

Noah’s Ark I and Noah’s Ark II provide age-appropriate lessons and activities so that each child can better comprehend God’s love for all of us. It is at this young age that children develop a strong foundation in the Christian faith so that as they grow, they will develop an understanding of how to use their God given talents.  The children will have experiences that will help each child grow in God’s love.

Meet Sundays downstairs in main church building

Preschool III (ages 4 & 5)

Teachers:  Sonda Hamrick and Cathy Cummings

Our class teaches children about Jesus and His love for them by telling a story from the Bible each Sunday. The children are given examples of how they can take what they have learned from the story and use it in their daily lives. They learn how to pray and are taught a Bible verse for the month. We also give the children a time for crafts, play and activities where they learn how to get along with each other. Most of all, we show them Jesus’ love.

Meet Sundays downstairs in main church building

Bible Learners (grades 1 & 2 & 3)

Teacher: Donna White

Our goal is to assist parents in creating an atmosphere that will introduce children to discover, discuss and share the teachings of the Bible. Jesus said, “Let the little children come unto me.” (Matthew 19:14) We look up Bible verses, play Bible games, sing praises to God, have Bible study, prayer time and on occasion a movie and popcorn.

Meet Sundays upstairs in Main church building on the right

Kingdom Kids (grades 4 & 5)

Teachers: Rhonda Newton and Janice Rudisail

Kingdom Kids exists for children to learn to use their Bibles and how God teaches us to live through prayer and scripture. Our main focus is teaching the books of the Bible so the kids will know how to find their own scripture. We also focus on prayer and helping others.

Meet Sundays upstairs in main church building on the right

Youth Sunday School Class (grades 6-12)

Teachers:  Regina Johnson and Brianne Hamrick

The mission of the Youth class is to learn, witness, and grow closer together in Christ through weekly Bible study. In addition, this class believes in recreational learning, having snacks, laughing together, and most importantly, learning about the great love God has for us.

Meet Sundays upstairs in main church building on the left

College and Young Adult Class

Teachers:  Kenny White and Kristen Blanton

This class is geared toward young adults, both singles and couples. This group seeks a deeper meaning of God’s Word as they are experiencing new challenges in their lives such as college, career choices, marriage and parenting. Bible study is from the Lifeway Family Bible Series for Young Adults and other resources as well. This class seeks to incorporate fellowship within the group and to support the efforts of our church in churchwide mission efforts and activities.

Meets Sundays in room over the breezeway at the main church building

Upper Room

Teachers:  Eddie Winecoff and Rick McDaniel

Our Upper Room Class is made of various age groups, singles and married, with and without children. We are a fairly large class but we have great fellowship. We love to study the Word, love discussion, and have a lot of fun! We are heavily involved in serving our church and community in many mission activities. Please come join us 

Meet Sundays in the Family Life Center


Teachers:  Lyn Carroll and Terri Wellmon

The mission of the Barnabas Class is to study the Scriptures with the intent of applying the Word in our daily lives. We apply the Word by endeavoring to take care of each other, supporting mission efforts, and fellowshipping together while welcoming one and all to join us in our mission.

Meet Sundays in the Family Life Center


Teachers:  Sherry Blanton and Kim Tesseneer

The Lydia Class consists of loving, caring, praying women of all ages. We believe in

contributing to missions and reaching out to those in need.

Meet Sundays in the ground floor of the main church building


Teachers:  Donna Webber and Andrea McSwain

May we, the Ruth Sunday School Class of Zoar Baptist Church, be as gleaners of God’s Word; searching, gathering, and sharing the truth of God’s love for all, to all, in prayerful submission and dedicated action.

Meet Sundays on the ground floor of the main church building

Men’s Friendly

Teachers:  Tommy Willis, Clyde Humphries and Allen Hester

The Men’s Friendly Bible Class is just as the name describes, a group of “Men of All Ages”, who love the Lord and their fellow man. We meet early for fellowship and then serious Bible study. We seek to reach out to the needs of our fellow man, whether it be young or old. We have our own prayer list which we review every week. You cannot find a “Friendlier”, more caring group of men.

Meet Sundays in the Family Life Center